If you’d like to land a job at Dream Big Day Camp then keep reading!


Camp Staff Pied in Face at Dream Big Summer Day Camp | Hilltop Denver and Greenwood Village
“I learned a tremendous amount working for Mary when I was an undergraduate attending the University of Pennsylvania. As a father and a doctor, I cannot imagine my children being in better care for the summer!” – Michael Milobsky, Pediatrician, parent of 7 children and alumnus of Camp Echo Lake
Camp Staff Posing at Dream Big Summer Day Camp | Hilltop Denver and Greenwood Village
The Dream BIG Group Leaders were AWESOME!  They helped bake for our summer camp, organize our onsite room and weed out our food pantry for expired goods. It looks gorgeous! – Mandie Birchem, Director of Programs, Colfax Community Network
Kids and Staff Posing at Dream Big Summer Day Camp | Hilltop Denver and Greenwood Village
As I prepare to move away from Colorado in a few days, I wanted to take a few minutes and thank people who’ve made a big impact on my time here. While I only worked at DBDC for one summer, I learned so much about myself as a leader, as part of a larger community, and more. I will never forget the memories I made. If I’m raising children in Colorado down the road I will certainly send them to Dream Big and even if I’m not, I look forward to adding the camp experience to their lives. Thank you for everything, I wish you and DBDC the best! -With gratitude, Ian Solow-Niederman


Wiffelball at Dream Big Summer Day Camp | Hilltop Denver and Greenwood Village
Field Games at Dream Big Summer Day Camp | Hilltop Denver and Greenwood Village

Full of energy!

Love working with kids!

Have a very high standard for themselves!

The staff are carefully selected and highly trained so they can fully support the campers and teach them effectively. We have an excellent staff to camper ratio so that we can sufficiently help campers navigate their way through the day and closely assist them in fostering friendships with their peers.

There’s no question that there is a direct correlation between the quality of our staff and the quality of the experience for the campers. It’s imperative that we hire the best people we can. We conduct an intensive mandatory staff orientation and continue to train the staff vigorously throughout the camp season by incorporating staff evaluations and weekly staff meetings. Staff have an opportunity to earn college credit for working with us.

We are an equal opportunity employer dedicated to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

If you are looking for a quiet, “laid back” summer then STOP! DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!


If you are looking to work in an environment that is challenging, demanding, and intense, but some of the most fun and most rewarding experiences you will ever have, then check out Dream BIG Day Camp. We are looking for AMAZING people who are eager to give kids a euphoric experience! Many staff share they meet their best friends/spouses here.
Blue Mascot at Dream Big Summer Day Camp | Hilltop Denver and Greenwood Village
Being a counselor at Dream BIG is an empowering job. You live, work, eat, sleep, teach, play, and have fun with kids and your co-workers.  It is so true that the more you put into any experience with children, the more you are going to get out of it. This is the mantra at Dream BIG.
Blue Mascot at Dream Big Summer Day Camp | Hilltop Denver and Greenwood Village
The summer season runs 3 sessions for a total of 10 weeks from June – August which includes our staff orientation. Whether you love sports, theater, arts or science, we think that’s great. Whether you are highly skilled in an activity, or just learning, we celebrate every staff member for their own unique gifts that they bring to our community. Covid-19 vaccination is highly encouraged to join our community.


Money in the Bank

  • Salaries range $15/hr-$19.50/hr
  • Free and reduced lunch during the summer camp session
  • Staff referral bonuses
  • Weekly staff lottery prizes
  • Early signing bonuses for returning staff
  • PTO-(personal time off)
  • Earn extra income as a Before & After Care Supervisor
  • Earn extra income through tutoring and private lessons
  • Additional employment opportunities during winter and spring breaks

Prof Development

  • Staff development and leadership trainings
  • Child psychology (including developmental stage) trainings
  • In person feedback and written evaluations
  • Earn childcare hours towards PDIS professional credentials
  • Build your resume and establish your online presence for future employment
  • Program development and curriculum building

Community Membership

  • Staff appreciation, staff recreation, and staff theme days
  • Work and play with like minded people, building life long friendships
  • Get support and be supportive. Team Work is how the Dream Works
  • Health and wellness challenges
  • Be a part of a community that prioritizes IDE (inclusion, diversity and equality)
  • Off season staff reunions
  • Stay connected to your camp community through private social channels





As a Group Leader (GL) or Group Counselor (GC), you are assigned to a specific group of campers ages 4-12, boys or girls. The group size is usually 15 campers. All groups have at least 1 GL and 1-2 GC’s. You guide them throughout the day from place to place (see the program page for a typical day).

You take them from soccer to art to tennis to lunch, etc. Not only do you travel with them all day but you also participate 100% at those activity areas. You support the Activity Director (AD) in whatever he or she needs to run the best possible program.

Even more importantly, you become an integral part of your camper’s experience at Dream BIG as you are the one who oversees their social, emotional and physical well being and safety. You are part teacher, part coach, part parent and part doctor.  You get to experience all that camp has to offer and form a tremendous bond with your campers and co-staff.

Although the Group Leader (GL) functions much like a Group Counselor (GC), they are hired for their leadership, supervisory, and group management skills. A Group Leader (GL) is typically more experienced than the Group Counselor (GC) and has the wonderful yet quite demanding role of setting the tone for the entire group, nurturing the staff and campers, and acting as the administrative link between their group and the camp directors. These people have already demonstrated outstanding leadership in their lives, are comfortable leading and managing other adults and have boundless energy!

As an Activity Director (AD), you are given the opportunity to direct your own activity area (see the program page for all activity areas at Dream BIG). During the 8 activity periods of the day, you are at your activity area instructing that activity to boys or girls, ages 4-12.

Each period you will greet a group of approximately 15 campers, either boys or girls. In addition you will greet the staff who are there to be fully engaged and follow your directions. You may also have 2-3 elective periods in which you teach individual campers who have specifically chosen to pursue your area. The size of this group may range from 8-20 and may be co-ed in some instances.

An Activity Director (AD) has extensive teaching or coaching experience in his/her area. We are looking for people who are passionate and creative in their area of expertise. They must already possess the ability to teach and develop a child’s skills in that area. They will be asked to create their own curriculum, develop thorough lesson plans, and generate as much excitement as humanly possible in their activity area! The over-arching goal here is for campers to be safe, have fun and improve their skills.