1. How long are the sessions? Can a child attend for one week only?

Our traditional camp session runs for a duration of 9 weeks. It’s broken up into three 3 week segments. You may enroll for a duration of 1,2 or 3 weeks, 6 weeks or 9 weeks. You can also register for 1 week only for our Specialty Camps. To learn more about our 1 week programs check out the page titled Specialty Camps.

2. How long is the camp day? Can I send my child for an abbreviated day? Do you offer extended care?

Camp runs from 8:30-3PM each day. We offer extended care in the mornings and afternoons from 7:30-8:30AM and 3-5:30PM at an additional cost. We ask that you sign up for this service before the session starts. Depending on the day, we might be able to accommodate campers on a “last minute” basis. For Pre-K and Kindergarten ONLY, you may opt for a “mini day” which finishes at 12:30PM each day. The children eat lunch at camp and then proceed to the pick up area. We ask that if you opt for a “mini day” you do so for the duration of that session.

3. Is there a communication policy? How do we inform you that someone else is picking up my child in the afternoon?

We want you, as a parent, to call us ANYTIME with a concern. We all want the highest quality experience possible for your child and if a call or visit enhances this, then by all means we want you to do so. Should any concerns arise that we need to apprise you of or need your assistance with, we will never hesitate to call. Please understand that we, Mary and Sarah are not always readily available when you call. We are primarily out amongst the campers and staff for the balance of the day. Frequently we will return calls after 3:30PM, excluding of course those matters that require immediate attention. Please download our friendly Dream BIG Day Camp App available for both the iPhone and the Android. Here you will receive the most up to date information regarding schedules, rainy day pick ups and other pertinent information.

If your child has a play date or is being picked up by a grandparent, for example, we ask you to apprise us during the day. If someone other than a parent frequently picks up your child (for example a babysitter 3x per week, a friend every Wednesday ) then we ask that you provide us with this information before the session commences.

4. What do you do on VERY hot days? Can the campers cool off? What if it rains?

We have several indoor facilities including a gymnasium, an auditorium, a cafeteria and several classrooms. We will make sure the campers stay extra-hydrated and take lots of “breathers”. Water is, of course, a great antidote for high temperatures. We have water activities several days each week and on extremely hot days your child will spend additional time getting wet! Your child will ALWAYS be in water that they can stand in and will ALWAYS be accounted for by adults when participating in a water related activity.

5. What is the staff to camper ratio?

We feel that close ratios are an important factor in your child’s experience so EVERY child will feel included and get the proper staff support and attention. You can expect a 6:1 ratio minimum in your child’s group. For example, a group of 18 campers will have at least 3 staff members.

6. Can we “extend” during the summer for another session? Can we ever “extend” from a mini day to a full day during the session?

You may extend to the following session, provided we have space in your child’s group for the subsequent session. You may extend from a “mini day” to a full day schedule provided we have availability in the full day group for your child’s age.

7. What is the parent drop off and pick up procedure?

When you arrive at camp with your child you will see our staff direct you. Our staff will greet you and your child and escort your child out of the vehicle and to the appropriate place. The same will be done at pick up in the afternoon. In order to ensure safety and ease for everyone, we ask that you remain in your vehicle during drop off and pick up times. Please call us if you will be dropping off late or picking up early on any given day.

8. Do I provide lunch for my child? What does camp provide with regard to food or drink?

A private catering company offers a hot lunch program which you can use as frequently as you like. You can peruse the monthly menu and it’s very easy to order online. You may also pack a lunch from home for your child. We have a fruit/snack break every morning and serve a cold treat every afternoon. We also keep several large jugs of ice water around camp so that your child can refill his/her water bottle when needed.

9. What do I need to send to camp with my child besides a lunch?

On the first day we ask that you send a backpack with your child containing a water bottle, bathing suit, towel, sun screen and water shoes/Crocs. You can add a water shirt for a fair skinned child if you are concerned about sunburn. Please pack an extra set of clothing for young children. We will store these items in your child’s locker overnight so that they are dry and available for use each day.

10. What does my child need to wear each day?

We ask you to PLEASE apply sunscreen to your child before you arrive at camp each day. Campers should wear appropriate “run around” attire each day. This means socks, sneakers and hats. We ask that you use a permanent marker to label their backpack, all the contents in their backpack and all hats that they bring. Backpacks are returned home each Friday so that belongings can be laundered and returned to camp fresh the following Monday.

11. What equipment does the camp provide?

We provide all equipment including tennis rackets, in-line skates, all appropriate pads, etc. We do ask that your child bring a baseball glove and swim wear but we will provide all other equipment. If your child would like to bring their own personal in-line skates, tennis racket or pads, they may do so.

12. How does camp celebrate birthdays?

Birthdays are a big deal at Dream BIG Day Camp! The entire camp sings to your child and he/she wears a birthday hat for the duration of the day. If you like, you may drop off cupcakes or the like in the morning for your child and his/her respective group. We request that you NOT bring additional items for your child and his/her group (e.g. balloons, toys, candy, etc.). In order to avoid undue pressure on you and unnecessary competition amongst parents, we would greatly appreciate your cooperation here.

13. Is there any medical care at camp? What if my child has allergies?

We have a nurse on site and a pediatrician on call. The medical form will ask you for pertinent information and we encourage you to contact us should you want to discuss ANY of this in greater detail. We are a peanut-free environment thus we ask you not to send anything containing peanuts.