Berto D

Berto D

Division Leader

Hi, my name is Berto (Burptoe) and this will be my 4th summer at Dream BIG Day Camp.

When not at camp I am a school librarian during the day, sunset chaser at night .

When I grow up I want to continue to spread love and happiness.

I cannot live without music! There’s always a song stuck in my head.

If I could be any animal I’d like to be a sloth, but not any sloth, Flash from Zootopia.

My favorite tv show growing up was Arthur, and I credit them for knowing how to spell aardvark.

Something on my bucket list is to skydive. I’m actually terrified to do it, but it’s the only way to conquer my fears.

My favorite Superhero is Static Shock. Maybe I’ll dress like him one day for camp!

I look forward to seeing all the smiles, hearing all the laughs, playing music through the halls, but most importantly, claiming the “Chubby Bunny” title!