This special, fantastic, fun and exciting Coolinary Specialty Camp will successfully cultivate culinary curiosity in campers, as they learn to prepare, eat and share yummy, healthy, delicious, nutritional and sustainable foods. Kids love to sample as they cook, and Sticky Fingers Cooking instructors have learned the secrets inspiring young palates to explore the many delights of unique and tasty combinations of a nutritious varieties of vegetables, grains and fruits not always found on children’s plates.

The curriculum uses the thrill of cooking to expand each camper’s taste for of healthy, seasonal food, and is specifically designed to let little chefs explore and excel! While touching and tasting, campers use all their senses to cultivate a taste for eating nutritiously and seasonally abundant whole foods.

The fun, engaging and creative Coolinary cooking instructors add a sense of fun and excitement as they combine the love of cooking with nutritional information, jokes, geography, math skills and history to inspire a lifetime love of healthy family cooking! Campers will take pride in practicing a culinary skill, and will get to enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of their labor at the end of each class.

By the end of Coolinary Camp, the campers (and their grown-ups) will have online access to a collection of unique Sticky Fingers recipes to share – and repeat – with their families at home. Note: Any and all dietary restrictions can and will be accommodated.

MONDAY: Breakfast Club Cooking Day

Blueberry ricotta pancakes, apple and carrot cinnamon rolls, and breakfast nachos—oh my! No need to make breakfast before this cooking camp…Start your morning right with new favorite breakfast recipes each day! Kids will also create pancake and tea mixes to take home and very fun Breakfast Club ‘Cool’inary Craft!
Breakfast Club Recipe Teaser: Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes, Apple and Carrot Cinnamon Rolls, Breakfast Nachos!

TUESDAY: Global Cooking Day

When’s the last time you were hands deep in delicious ethnic cuisine from the four corners of the Earth? Young chefs have a blast discovering how easy and awesomely fun it is to cook (and gobble- up!) tasty, healthy American, Thai, Italian, Cuban and many other globally-inspired Sticky Fingers Cooking recipes—and love the very fun Global Cooking ‘Cool’inary Crafts throughout the day!! Explore customs, songs, geography and languages from around the world!

Global Cooking Recipe Teaser: Pad See, Ratatouille, Cuban Flatbread

WEDNESDAY: Farm to Table Cooking Day

Bring the deliciousness of Colorado fresh produce to the table today! How many creative different ways can you prepare and cook the fruits of your labor? We will explore the idea of seasonal production and use fresh organic fruits and vegetables to create a harmony in the kitchen with our Colorado bounty! How does that food get on our table? Deliciously discovering how our locally-grown food goes from ingredient to recipe to table.
Farm to Table Recipe Teaser: Tomatillo Chilaquiles, Blackberry Lime Corn Muffins, Sparkling Raspberry Cupcakes, Sweet Pea Risotto

THURSDAY: Yoga + Cooking Day

Yoga and cooking go together like peas and carrots! Our camp today  combine cooking, crafts, and kids yoga for a mouth watering, flexible, and fun experience. Your chefs and yogis will cook up healthy recipes, get to explore their creativity with fun craft projects, and participate in a fun and engaging yoga class! Zen it up with a calming yoga routine followed by delicious recipes!

Yoga + Cooking Recipe Teaser: Colorado Cantaloupe Cupcakes, Lemony Zucchini Poppy Seed Muffins, Cauliflower Mac n’ Cheese*

FRIDAY (older campers) STEM Cooking Day:

Welcome to the Sticky Fingers Creation lab! We will be combining the awe-inspiring power of science, technology, engineering and math with delectable dishes to create an amazing experience for new chefs! We will be ADDING spice, SUBTRACTING boredom and piecing together the FRACTIONS of ingredients to create many a masterpiece! Your young scientist chefs will create new delicious recipes along with, slime, explosions and kid made solar pizza box ovens as well as other fun experiments with edible ingredients and lots of STEM inspired creative crafts! Using science, technology, engineering and math to create delicious creations!

STEM Recipe Teaser: Kid Made Graham Crackers & Marshmallows, Zany Zucchini Root Beer Cupcakes, Best Broccoli Cheese Wontons*

FRIDAY (younger campers) Seuss-Tastic Cooking Day:

Deliciously Delectable Dishes Inspired by Dr. Seuss Classics! You’ve read about Yertle and Green Eggs and Ham; the Cat in the Hat and the cute Sam I Am! But what about learning about things that they grew? Finding out what was eaten by Cindy Lou Who! So let’s make some food you silly goose, found deep in the pages of Dr. Seuss! “You are you and that is true, there’s no one in the world who’s you-er than you.” -Dr. Seuss Seuss-Tastic

Recipe Teaser: Cindy-Lou-Who’s-Sweet Lemon Ravioli, Green Eggs and Ham Puffs On-A-Stick, Horton Hears a Corn Arepas + Awesome Avocado Salsa


Greenwood Village Campus

  • The camp is at Aspen Academy off of University Blvd and Orchard Rd.
  • The camp runs July 30-Aug. 3, 2018
  • 9am-12pm
  • Boys and girls 5-10
  • Please check in at Front desk for room location

Denver Campus

  • The camp is at Carson Elem 5420 E. 1st Ave. Denver 80220
  • The camp runs August 6-10, 2018
  • Coolinary Camp Juniors Ages 5-7 (1-4PM)
    Coolinary Camp Seniors Ages 7-10 (9-12PM)
  • Please walk your camper into the cafeteria for daily sign in/out

Camp tuition is $275.

Register Here