Happy Earth Day!

Click on the Fuzzies in the images below to interact!

There are Fuzzies with sunglasses hidden inside the clickable icons, how many can you find?!

50 Years of Celebrating Earth Day

Today is the first day towards the next 50 years and at Dream BIG we want to share this interactive experience with your family and children.  Find the fuzzies, click on them to listen and learn!  Together we will make it to another day and continue to make this world a better place.  Celebrating Earth Day is everyday at Dream BIG!

Denver Earth Day 2020  

We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands!  Although lately it seems like things have been out of control in the world, look at all the good that has come from the stay-at-home orders in regards to nature and our world!  Wildlife is coming back, smog is down in cities across the globe, cars are driven less and this all shows that TOGETHER we can make this world a better place. 

Take a Stand

At Dream BIG Day Camp Denver we encourage our campers to stand up for the things they care about. We are a Denver kids camp that helps build confidence and develop skills that will help our children along their journey.

Be Kind

On Earth Day we are encouraged to think about taking care of our planet as well as taking care of all the creatures who live on it. At Dream BIG Day Camp in Denver, we always recognize and reward doing kind things for others.

Stronger Together

Whether it’s spending time together or connecting through a virtual camp in Denver we know we are always stronger when we act together.

The Eye of the Storm

Often times it can feel like everything around us is out of control in the world but at Dream BIG we like to focus on a positive mindset and focussing on what’s good.   During the COVID19 pandemic, many families are now navigating new waters at home that certainly have feelings of being adrift.  Here’s a fun laugh to keep you smiling though:  “Keeping a house clean with children around 100% of the time is like trying to comb your hair in a hurricane.”  Focus on the good and continue to Dream BIG!

Frozen in Fear

The first time for anything is always a bit scary.  At Dream BIG Day Camp, we help our campers overcome their fears and encourage them to try new things.  Movement is key and at camp, your child will learn new ways to handle scary moments.

Waves of Change

With over 20 different programming activities a week at our Denver kids camp, our campers do well adjusting to change and enjoy trying new things.

Be Part of the Solution

When we work as a team and problem-solve together we can come up with new solutions to ongoing problems.

Dig Deeper

What makes Dream BIG Day Camp the best kids camp in Denver? Our amazing summer camp counselors will dig deep and work hard to connect to each child on an individual basis. 

Our Campers Make Great Teams

With social distancing in full effect as of late, we are reminded that our campers make great team players!  The 4-6 year old campers all the way up through the 8-10 year olds all know that there is no “I” in team.  It takes a team to get through some of the world’s biggest problems and on Earth Day we are reminded that teamwork and sticking together will make this world a better place.

Our Sprouting Campers

At Dream BIG Day Camp we encourage our campers to always try new things. Through this process of encouragement, they grow into young, confident, and brave children.  

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  • Dusty Jenkins Posted April 22, 2020 7:49 pm

    I found 6 Fuzzies with sunglasses. The question I’d like to answer is:

    Q: “In addition to warming temperatures and changes in precipitation what do you think are some side effects of global climate change?”

    A: Frequent Severe Weather

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