2021 Denver Kids Camp – Covid Safe and Open

With COVID coming into March of 2020 and shutting down schools,  Dream Big was one of the first childcare providers to deal with COVID firsthand and we did an amazing job.

Temperatures were taken before kids came out of the car, and sometimes it was given before kids came into the building and throughout the day.

We used a fogger machine that sanitizes our equipment and as far as programming goes, we condensed our groups to minimize physical content and no visitors were allowed in the building, only staff and campers.

This allowed Dream Big to create a blue print around covid precautions moving forward and we are proud to say we are still Covid Free.

Tackling any obstacles was much easier due to the prep Mary and her staff provided in advance and because of that, we had zero cases of COVID last year among our staff and campers.

Coming from someone who works in the public school system and has a student missing every other week due to exposure going nine weeks COVID free is a pretty impressive feat.

We hope to see everyone in this summer as enrollment is now open. Simply select your grade level for the 2020 – 2021 school year to get started!