Live performances

We’d like to give immense thanks to Anita Stieglitz, Evan Dechtman, the Mintz family and Shelanski family for their time and effort in helping us make this “unplugged” page possible! We hope you enjoy it and get to know the camp songs so when you arrive at camp we can all sing them together!

(Sing 2X)

Friends, Friends, Friends
We will always be
Whether in fair or in dark stormy weather
Our Dream BIG friends will keep us together

We love to play (love to play!)
Each and everyday (everyday!)
Love will align us
And forever bind us
We’re friends, friends, friends
Da da da da da

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear ______!
Happy Birthday to you!

Kings and Queens and Bishops too,
Wanna wish the best to you!
So, wish-day, wash-day, what do you say, birth-day,
Happy Birthday to you!
There’s laughter in the air, people smiling everywhere,
Happy Birthday, UHH!
Happy Birthday, UHH!
Happy Birthday, to you UHH UHH!

H and an A and a P, P, Y
B and an I and a R, T, H
D and an A and a final Y
Haaaappy Birthday!!!

This is your birthday song, it isn’t very long
My name is Sammy K, HEY!!!!!

Whether in the mountains or whether by the sea 
There’s nothing more exciting
Than losing all your teeth
Molars and incisors, they fall out one by one
Losing all our teeth is how we have some fun
Someday we’ll be toothless, but we don’t really care
We’ll go a little higher and pull out all our hair… hey!!!


I have seen real growth and maturation in my son since his experience at Dream Big. In addition to developing greater self esteem, he is more patient, thoughtful and caring with others. And I wish I could bottle his enthusiasm as he proudly marched out the door each morning for camp!

Libby Brown