Counselors in Training Program-CIT

the “Who”

Current (2017-2018) 8th & 9th Graders

the “What”

  • DBDC Staff Training and CPR certification
  • Servant Leadership
  • Self-Efficacy and Knowledge
  • Experiential Learning Including CIT evaluations
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

the “When”

  • Session 2 June 25-July 13, 2018
  • Session 3 July 16-August 3, 2018

the “Where”

Dream BIG Day Camp
451 Clermont St.
Denver, CO 80220

the “Why”

Join us for our Counselor in Training Program where we train and supervise teenagers working as Junior Counselors at camp. This program includes both group and individual work as a counselor and age specific activities as a “camper.” As a group, the CITs will enjoy planned activities and time together to learn from each others’ experiences.

the “How”

CITs will participate in an personalized orientation covering roles and responsibilities of a CIT, a review of the staff manual, CPR Training, role playing and a graduation ceremony.

Weeks two and three will focus on individual and group work in both activity and group areas. CITs will assist in Special Event Days, Performances, Art Exhibits, Selectives and Splash. As a group, they will enjoy a day of age appropriate activities. Every Friday will culminate in a weekly wrap up, individual evaluations and setting goals for the following week.

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