Why Choose Dream BIG Day Camp


A Typical Day…

The philosophy behind the program at Dream BIG Day Camp is to offer a wide array of activities so campers get broad exposure to many areas and get to try new things in a safe and supportive environment. The mantra here is: It must be safe! It must be fun! Every camper must be engaged! We find that when campers are presented with something in a comfortable, fun and non-threatening manner they tend to enjoy it more. The icing on the cake is that they tend to excel when they feel comfortable. The instructors on the Dream BIG staff are people who are passionate and highly skilled in their areas of expertise, and just as importantly, they know how to communicate and motivate children.

horse2Many families with multiple children discover that their children may have different areas of interest. The program here is designed so that children cannot only co-exist but truly thrive regardless of their personal interests. Campers can try new things and still enjoy those areas in which they have a greater level of interest. No one area is “pushed” more than another area. They are all weighed equally at Dream BIG and presented with the same amount of emphasis, expertise and enthusiasm. It simply would not be camp if there were no special events, unannounced guests, surprise happenings, spontaneously funny moments and other bits of magic thrown into the pot. This is all highly classified at this time so come join us if you want to check it out!


A typical day at Dream BIG Day Camp
8:30 Arrival Be rarin’ and ready to go for an AWESOME day at Dream Big!!
9-9:20 Line-Up Mary, JellO and Katie unite the entire camp to celebrate birthdays, acknowledge lost teeth and present some other hilarious surprises.
9:30-10 1st Activity Hit a home run, learn to ride a bike, make a ceramic mug for your mom!
10-10:30 2nd Activity Swing a golf club, build a rocket, work on your hip-hop dance moves.
10:30-11 3rd Activity Improve your forehand, sing on stage, kick really high in karate!
11-11:30 4th Activity Concoct a tasty brownie, score a goal!
11:30-12:30 Lunch/Rest A nice relaxing lunch with your friends and time to re-charge your batteries
    Mini Day campers depart at 12:30 pm
12:30-1 5th Activity Work on a skit, pretend you’re a blender!
1-1:30 6th Activity Stretch in yoga, write a poem!
1:30-2 7th Activity Shoot an arrow, dunk like Kenneth Faried, learn to rollerblade!
2-2:30 8th Activity Scale a big climbing wall and then get hosed down!
2:30 PM Snack Yummy ice cream or popsicles!
2:45 Fuzzy Time “Fuzzies” are given out to the campers by the Head Staff (see home page for Fuzzy philosophy)
3PM Pick Up Dream BIG at night about all the fun things you’ll do tomorrow!

4 Core Program Areas

1) Team sports
Flag Football
2) Individuals
Climbing Wall
Coolinary (cooking)
Martial Arts

Mountain Biking (age appropriate trips)



3) Creative
Performing Arts
Leather making
4) SPLASH!!!
Water play